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We need a small introduction to the courses that are on offer.

We could mention at this point that the courses are not run on a regular schedule, and that a minimum of 10 participants are required before the date and venue are set.

Maybe also mention that participants will be notified via email of when the date and venue have been set.

Industrial Networking and TCP/IP

This course covers the basics and advanced networking topics related to Ethernet and TCP/IP networks with an emphasis on industrial and substation network architectures.
Numerous topics are covered such as the technology required for interconnecting LAN segments as well as the various advanced features that managed-network devices offer, how these features are configured and how they are applied. An overview of industrial Ethernet and networking technologies that are applicable to industrial and substation network environments are also discussed.

For full course details, please download the pdf document.

Substation Automation Using IEC 61850

This course covers the IEC 61850 standard in depth and looks at the standard from numerous perspectives. The concepts presented in the standard are new to many people that are exposed to it and the learning curve can often be quite steep.
The purpose of the course is to allow system engineers, design engineers, commissioning and maintenance personnel to have a working knowledge of the standard and the associated concepts and technologies.

For full course details, please download the pdf document.

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